Boundary Co-op 2020 Annual Report
June 30, 2021

For the second year in a row, due to pandemic restrictions, Boundary Co-op held its Annual General Meeting virtually, on Thursday, June 17.

The meeting included the release of the Annual Report and 2021 Audited Financial Statement.

Board President, Matt Heide, called the meeting to order, welcomed members and appointed a secretary.  A moment of silence followed for members that have passed this last year.

Matt Heide then provided an explanation on the rules of motions and asked that all people who wish to speak on a motion e-mail their questions or submit them via the chat feature.  Only members with a Co-op number were permitted to vote on motions, but anyone could speak to a motion.

A motion was passed to approve the meeting agenda.

Debbie Graham read the minutes from the last Annual Meeting.  Matt Heide gave the Board Report and a quick overview of this past year. Matt thanked the staff of Boundary Co-op for their hard work throughout a difficult pandemic year.

Jocelyn Vankoughnet joined the virtual meeting to present her report from FCL (Federated Co-operatives Ltd.).

Ronalee Wood provided the Delegates Report.

Assistant Office Manager Tyler Gauthier presented the Financial Report.

General Manager Ryan Polnik provided the Manager's Report. His report included some highlights from 2020 as well as some events planned for Boundary Co-op's 10th Anniversary this year. He expressed his appreciation to team members for their hard work during the pandemic.

Tammy Chrest presented the Nomination Report for the 2021 Board Nominees.  

No election was held this year as three seats were available.  Terms have expired for Ronalee Wood, Charles Gilson and Elmer McCallum.  Ronalee and Charles have decided to not seek re-election; Elmer decided to seek re-election.

Kirbie Cooper and Sheila Lockhart brought forth nomination papers and were elected to the Board by acclamation.  Elmer, Kirbie and Sheila will now be directors for a three-year term.

Thank you to Ronalee and Charles for your years of service to the Boundary Co-op Board of Directors.

As there was no new business nor questions provided by e-mail or in the chat, the 2021 Annual General Meeting was adjourned.