Become a Boundary Co-op Director!
March 21, 2024

Become a Director!

Our membership structure and good governance gives us a strong foundation and ensures Boundary Co-op stays healthy for the long term. This means guiding the Co-op in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible way; aligned with the interests of our member-owners, staff and other communities. Even in times of uncertainty, your Co-op remains financially strong and as a result of the strategic governance of your Board of Directors.

Co-ops are organizations that determine their own governance. The control of the business is in the hands of its member-owners. It is also an organization where democratic control is the practice; an organization controlled by people, rather than dollars; an organization where each member-owner equals one vote.

Becoming a Director allows you to make a real difference, playing a key role in the success of your Co-op. You work closely with fellow board members, making decisions that require cooperation and teamwork. Strengthen your professional skills by pursuing opportunities for personal development, and grow your network as you work alongside others toward a common goal.

The Board of Directors at Boundary Consumers Co-op Ltd. is elected by its members in a democratic one-member, one-vote system for a three-year term, up to a maximum of four consecutive terms. The Board of Directors of Boundary Co-op is a leadership team with a vital purpose; to govern the strategic and operational direction of Boundary Co-op within Boundary Co-op’s bylaws and with the collective interest of members and stakeholders in mind. Along with this purpose come a number of general responsibilities unique to the Board of Directors:

  • Lead the strategic direction of Boundary Co-op through strong, responsible, and ethical governance.
  • The function of the Board is to direct management, not manage. Work closely with Boundary’s General Manager to carry out the operational elements of the strategic plan.
  • Protect and enhance Boundary Co-op’s assets in the interest of members and stakeholders.
  • Being a good director is a big responsibility and involves hard work.
  • You must be able to work with others. You need opinions of your own; but you must respect the opinions of others, and the decisions of the Board. The Board must act as a unit. Individual directors have no more authority than any other member of the Co-op. It is only by resolution passed by the majority of the directors present at a duly called meeting of the Board where a quorum is present that the Board can exercise its power.
  • It’s a position of trust. If you have your own agenda or a conflict of interest, it could impair your judgment. As in any public service, you could also expose yourself to liability if you do not act in the best interests of the organization.

As a member of the Board of Directors, you commit to upholding the Oath of Office:

  • Exercise powers of the office and fulfill responsibilities in good faith and best interests of the Co-op;
  • Respect and support the Co-op’s bylaws, policies, code of conduct and decisions of the Board and membership;
  • Keep confidential all information learned about members, customers, personnel, or any other matters specifically determined by a board motion to be matters of confidence; and,
  • In the spirit of collegiality and respect for the collective decisions of the Board, immediately declare any personal (real or perceived) conflict of interest.

In addition to monthly Board meetings, Directors may also serve on one or several of the following sub-committees:

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominations Committee

Time Commitment
Serving on Boundary Co-op’s Board of Directors requires a considerable time commitment on the part of the individual directors. There is a fair amount of material to read and/or study before each meeting. Directors must do their homework and come to the meetings prepared. Attendance is extremely important at all required meetings and events:

  • monthly Board meetings
  • membership meetings including Annual General Meeting
  • board training if necessary

According to the bylaws of the Co-operative, Directors are entitled to receive remuneration for their services at rates predetermined.

Board of Directors Qualification Criteria

No person shall be a director if that person:

  1. is not an individual;
  2. is less than 18 years of age;
  3. is not of sound mind and has been so found by a court in Canada or elsewhere;
  4. is bankrupt;
  5. is an employee of the Cooperative or a commission operator under contract with the Cooperative; or
  6. has an account with the Cooperative that is more than 30 days in arrears.

Further Qualifications
No person shall be a director unless that person, or an entity of which that person is an officer, director, or member:

  1. was a member of the Cooperative at the end of the last financial year of the Cooperative;
  2. purchased goods or services, or a combination of both, from the Cooperative during the last financial year of the Cooperative, worth the collective amount of at least $2,500; and
    (i) supports the affairs of the Cooperative and complies with the by-law.

For more information or to discuss becoming a member of the Boundary Co-op Board of Directors, please contact our Administration Office at 204-534-2960.